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Welcome To



of Developers

We are   United. Club. Developers. Designer. UCD.


Life seems to be a drag…right! You have been trying and trying but nothing seems to inspire you. Well, don’t worry no more.

Welcome to the United Club of Developers, a place where people like you and I change the way one perceives the world. Let’s have a tour of what we are all about and what we have to offer you.

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Why we are different ?


Workshops are an integral part of learning. They teach us something outside the theoretical boundaries of our books. To bring this important experience to our students, UCD constantly conducts workshops in the latest fields possible and gives its members the best learning experience.

Work Environment

The work environment of UCD can be summed up in two words ‘Exciting’ and ‘Collaborative’. Every task in UCD is not a challenge but just an activity which we perform with utmost excitement. We try to train the students so as to get them ready for their future ahead.


By now you might think that UCD is all about studies and concerns itself with only strengthening technical base of students. But that is not the case. In every 15 days a special event i.e. fun day will be held where your talents will be provided with an opportunity to shine brightest.

Team Managment

UCD can help you bring necessary social skills to the finest stature for your best performance possible. Speaking, leadership, team management etc. are some of the important aspects of working in a corporate life and we can help you practice these skills in the best possible manner.

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